Install a Spray:

First of all, you need Counter-Strike installed in order to play the game and graffiti your sprays. See below for Counter-Strike Install Instructions.

How to Install and Use a Spray if you already have Counter-Strike:

  1. Download the spray paint file. (should be in .WAD Format)
  2. Duplicate the file and name the new copy "PLDECAL.WAD"
  3. Place it at the top level of your Counter-Strike Directory (DO Not, even though it is logical, place it in your Half-life logos directory)
  4. When you start up Counter-Strike proceed to play as normal but do NOT open your customize menu, (you need to have already chosen a player name), or it will default to the built-in spray logos and ignore your custom logo.
  5. Press the T button inside the game and aim and shoot to place your spray where you wish. (It takes a couple minutes before you can use your spray again.)

*Please see the site for additional useful instructions and nice sprays.

How to get Counter-Strike:

  1. Counter-Strike is actually a mod for a game called Half-life. Your must first purchase and install Half-life. (PC/Linux only + pref. fast web connection)
  2. Download the latest free version of Counter-Strike--at time of this writing Version 1.4. (You must dig deep on the list of links at the official Counter-Strike site.)
  3. If downloading the free version is too much bother you can purchase the Counter-Strike Mod.